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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a good tool to help you prevent the loss of any file that you've deleted by accident. It works with any type of file in your operating system, memory cards, USB, digital cameras, and any brand of portable device.

This recovery program has two scanning modes: normal and advanced. The first one completes a simple search of basic elements that it will try to recover. This is useful when you want to rescue photos, videos, or text documents and you don't have much time. On the other hand, the advanced option helps you to locate the files that are more difficult to track, although this option usually takes much longer, as it depends on the number of files it has to work with.

The interface of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery makes its use easy thanks to the simplicity and personalization of the file views. You can order them in a classic style view, organized by file type or by specific filters that you want or need.

If you want to recover lost files in your computer or in your mobile device, and prevent the accidental deletion of any file, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a great tool to help find any type of file in any of your devices. However, as with many applications of this style, it's not 100% effective, which is why we always recommend that you make backups of all of your important files in order to prevent losing them accidentally.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requres Android 4.0.3 or higher


This version does not allow you to save the found files.

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